Health and care information that saves lives

Giving health and care workers access to your patient information within the GM Care Record ensures you will receive the care and treatment you need, at the right time, in the right way.

The GM Care Record joins together our regions’ different NHS and care organisations to help hospitals and other care services access your individual health and care records quickly and securely.

Easy access to your information is essential to providing the most informed front-line care and treatment for you.


GP practices are now contributing patient health information within
the GM Care Record


Information from nearly 100% of patients in Greater Manchester are now being shared across the regions’ health and care services 


patient records accessed by front line staff in a single month (October 2023) to provide better informed care

How has the GM Care Record changed patient information sharing?

In response to the pandemic, health and care organisations in Greater Manchester created the GM Care Record bringing together essential information for the city-region’s 2.8m citizens from across health and care.

This enabled more informed individual care for you and the use of de-identified patient information for COVID-19 research.

Beyond the pandemic, Greater Manchester wants to use de-identified patient information for research and planning to help us understand the many questions we have about the health of Greater Manchester. This will include the creation of GM’s Secure Data Environment (SDE) for population health research.

Image showing how GM Care Record data is used for both direct care, service planning and research

In this short film, Dr. James Richie, Chief Clinical Information Officer at Health Innovation Manchester and Consultant Renal Physician at Salford Royal, describes the role of the GM Care Record in supporting the care of his patients now and in the future.

You can choose to opt out of your de-identified health and care information from being used for research and planning. More information about this can be found here.

Image of nurse doing temperature check on a child

The GM Care Record and the Secure Data Environment is enhancing the way we deliver care by enabling us to develop our understanding of our population and their health needs so we can to target resources and services and tackle some of the health challenges we face across the city region.

Dr. Gareth Thomas
Digital Innovation Director at Health Innovation Manchester and NHS Greater Manchester

What information is included
in the GM Care Record?

Where does the information in the GM Care Record come from?

The GM Care Record pulls information from several important areas of health and care including:


number of times the GM Care Record is being accessed each day (October 2023)


frontline monthly users of the GM Care Record (October 2023)


highest number of frontline users in a single day (October 2023)