Bringing together health and care information across Greater Manchester

The Greater Manchester Care Record (GM Care Record) is a vital digital resource for the city region’s 2.8m citizens, that is used to help improve health and care services and save lives.

It brings together your information from NHS and care services across all 10 Greater Manchester boroughs into one joined up record, so that your information can be accessed by frontline health and care workers, wherever you receive your care.

Image of doctors viewing an xray

Why have we created the GM Care Record?

NHS organisations and care services have created the GM Care Record to advance the care, treatment, diagnosis and health services available to you across Greater Manchester.

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Baby monitored by a doctor

How does the GM Care Record improve your care?

The more we know about your health and care needs, the more effective care and treatment we can provide, from avoiding allergies, knowing your care wishes to accessing blood test results.

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Image of a health care worker using a computer for research

How is patient data used for research?

Different communities require different types of health and care support – by better understanding these differences, we can improve health and care services for everyone.

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Information on the GM Care Record for direct care and research is also available in the following languages:

Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic, Chinese and Bengali.